Why choose our Principles of Organisational Coaching program?

You”re a coach, and you have a methodology that works for you. You have principles and maybe even a philosophy that supports your coaching practice. But do you know why it is that you do that/believe that/use that methodology? For many of us as coaches the answer may be “well, it’s what I was taught”.

IECL originally created our Principles of Organisational Coaching (POC) to provide a fourth coaching subject in the IECL/CSU Graduate Diploma of Organisational Coaching and Leadership course. Little did we know it would come to have a life of its own, providing the “missing link” for many practicing coaches, by getting them to reflect on and clarify “why I do what I do in my coaching practice?”

Previous participants in the course have commented:

“POC really heightened my thinking around research-based, evidence-based coaching practices”

“The learnings will stay with me in all sorts of ways and add enormous value to my coaching practice in a growing, ever competitive market.”

“POC gave a really good overview as to how much there is to learn around organisational coaching. Very, very enjoyable and thought provoking.”

“There was an amazing overview of the theories underpinning coaching, and how to apply them.”

If you are feeling that you could benefit from having a clearer idea of the philosophical underpinnings behind your coaching, IECL’s Principles of Organisational Coaching (POC) could be the course for you in 2017. To learn more about our POC program, visit our Principles of Organisational Coaching page. You can also read one of our blog posts “An alumni’s perspective on IECL’s Principles of Organisational Coaching (POC) online course” to get a better understanding of the program from an Alumni’s point of view. Or you can contact us here.