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Why Group supervision is paramount to your coaching development?





Professional Development

Group supervision is an essential form of ongoing professional development for coaches. It helps you stay current with best practices, ethical guidelines, and industry standards.

At IECL, we are committed to providing our members with insightful and impactful learning events to ensure as a coach you provide the best for your clients and counterparts.

Why Group supervision is paramount to your coaching development:

Supervision plays a crucial role in the professional development of all coaches. It is an essential form of mentoring that helps you reflect on your work, learn from other's experiences, and improve your skills.

IECL defines professional organisational coaches as ‘confident, competent, and ethical’, and ongoing reflection on one's coaching practice led by a trained supervisor is critical for any such coach. Group supervision has the benefit of learning from the collective experience of colleagues, compounding the benefits of the time invested. 

Some of the benefits of Group Supervision are:

Peer Learning

Group supervision brings together a group of coaches who work in similar or different contexts. These coaches come together to learn from one another's experiences and perspectives. It provides a forum for coaches to share challenges, successes, and insights from your coaching practice.

Reflective Practice

At the heart of group supervision lies reflective practice. Reviewing real-life coaching cases and scenarios allows for in-depth exploration and analysis. The process will enable you to identify areas for growth and gain valuable insights into your coaching practice.

Challenge and Insights

Supervised by our qualified IECL facilitators, group supervision sessions provide a supportive environment for you to receive constructive challenges and perspectives. This feedback is instrumental in helping you identify blind spots, refine your coaching professionalism, and enhance your self-awareness and impact.

Group Supervision series for Members/Alumni

We are excited to announce our new Group Supervision series for Members/Alumni. Join our upcoming sessions to continue your professional development.

Register here:

27 March registration link (click here for your time zone)

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Need more information on Group Supervision? Click here to access our Group Supervision FAQ's in the Membership Academy.