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AI Assisted Coaching; Why? And Why Now.





If your phone is starting to feel like an extension of your body, you’re not far wrong … that’s the direction we’re heading in (and perhaps why Mark Zuckerberg at Meta thinks we want to hang out with VR goggles on, in virtual places with our avatar friends? And if you’re under 30, maybe you do?)

Much has changed since I wrote on the topic of AI and coaching just over four years ago. That article was about artificial intelligence and authentic leadership and it’s already dated; we know so much more now about AI and no doubt we feel differently about it too.

“Services” like Siri and Alexa have come along and may feel like your new best friend; timing your boiled egg in the morning, playing your favourite song, and advising on approaching rain.  If you drive a lot in the city, you may talk to Siri more than you talk to your significant other.  

Your mobile phone may be your other best friend; helping you with news, emails, photos, social updates, texts, weather, music, videos, calendar appointments, maps, mindfulness, podcasts, health status, number of steps today, sleep patterns and more.  Oh yes, and phone calls. 

So, AI is here to stay, and growing more intelligent and more prevalent by the day.  

How can we harness this power for good, for coaching?

Coaching is asked to do a lot these days, and “doing more with less” has become the new normal in most organisations.  So, what if you could extend the impact of the coaching your organisation purchased by getting some AI assistance?  Ideally everyone who needs a coach still has the opportunity to work with a real live, listening human coach. IECL believes strongly that every leader should have access to a world-class coach. And, we’re now able to increase the ROI of that coaching with qChange. 

This technology is designed to supplement but not supplant actual human coaches.  The qChange AI technology will increase the impact of coaching by keeping agreed improvement areas for the coachee front of mind, from one coaching conversation to the next. It’s like having your coach sitting “on your shoulder” reminding you of the commitments you made to yourself, in the moment. Contact us to learn more about how you can extend the ROI of your coaching with IECL and qChange.

And should we continue to prepare for a future world of coaching increasingly informed by AI? Yes, of course.  But we don’t need to panic. Continue to work on you and your signature presence as a coach, in all your unique glory.

More information on the qChange/IECL partnership.