An alumni’s perspective on IECL’s Principles of Organisational Coaching (POC) online course

In March this year, Nicola Clemmit, Principal and Executive Coach, thinklearndo completed our online POC course. Nicola shares her thoughts below about the journey she undertook in completing it.

I joined IECL’s Principles of Organisational Coaching (POC) with a small cohort of coaching professionals. I was both excited and anxious for a few reasons…

  1. I had not engaged in formal study requiring assignments for over 15 years
  2. I am a face to face, visual learner who prefers to talk through ideas in person
  3. I am dyslexic, so huge amounts of reading material is not my thing!


However, I am also pretty determined. I like the term tenacious, though some may say stubborn. So, with my desire to brush the cobwebs off, examine my own knowledge and challenge my thinking I enrolled. I successfully completed the program in June and am delighted to say that my tenacity has paid off. To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed the stimulation of the learning materials, the thought provocation provided by the online learning community, the discipline of having set-timeframes to complete modules and the unexpected confidence boost from being able to fully participate in the forums.

Is the course a disciplined commitment? Yes
Is it hard work? Yes
Is it worth it? Yes!

By the end of the program I was able to clearly articulate my coaching style, recognise and name my ‘technical’ approach and methodologies whilst both deepening and developing them. I would highly recommend POC to both experienced and fledgling coaches alike.

Nicola Clemmit, IECL Associate Coach and Executive Coach and Principal, thinklearndo


IECL’s Principles of Organisational Coaching (POC) is an online only course designed for Level 2 and 3 coach training alumni who are coaching regularly, internally or externally. If you are an IECL Level 1 coach (or have graduated from another coach training program) and already have a regular coaching practice, as well as substantial coaching hours, you will also gain much from this program.
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