12 things organisational leaders need to know for sustainable cultural change

We’re all about lifelong learning at IECL, and at our recent ‘Lunch and Learn’ for staff we delved into organisational culture. Sharing insights from our coaches’ own experiences, and what was learnt at the Human Synergistics’ Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership, it was clear that for effective cultural change, leaders need to look within and realise… 

  1. Culture needs to be part of the Board and the CEO’s agenda.
  2. Culture can be the organisation’s competitive advantage.
  3. Cultural change is an ongoing process. Organisations need to focus on the long-term impact and grasp that it’s an “investment” over a significant period.
  4. When creating cultural change things may get worse, before they get better.
  5. Organisational leaders need to pick their measurement score for culture and stick to it.
  6. Behaviours trump competencies/performance.
  7. Cultural change needs to be led from and, more importantly, displayed from, the top.
  8. Leaders who do not show sustainable behavioural change won’t be successful in implementing cultural change.
  9. Organisations need to gauge whether the strategy in place for 2020, 2050 etc. is counter-cultural.
  10. Organisations need to connect business goals with a moral compass.
  11. Organisations need to discover their why? Intrinsic motivation and a “sense of purposefulness” for people will lead to cultural change longevity.
  12. Organisations need to embrace the impact of diversity and not just talk about it.
Nicole oversees the marketing and communications of coaching training, coaching and leadership initiatives, that inspire the full potential in people across the Asia Pacific.