Tailored Leadership Development Program

Building leadership capability around the Asia Pacific region at an international Financial Services Organisation

The Challenge


After ten years in Australia, our client was experiencing significant growth under the leadership of a new MD. The organisation’s vision for 2020 included a “Leadership Capabilities Development Program” to be based on a new capability framework. Talent mapping processes, career paths and succession planning had been established and a cohort of leaders across the Asia Pacific was identified as being crucial to achieving the vision. Development of core leadership capabilities required an experienced partner and IECL were engaged to work with multiple levels of leaders.


The Solution


IECL initially engaged with stakeholders who were given the opportunity to express views, canvass options and genuinely shape the solution / approach. Solution design centred around a whole system approach and included the client’s leadership capabilities. Leaders undertook a one day “Coaching Approach to Leadership” workshop which was crucial to the success of all other components. Leaders then undertook Module 1: One day “Self and Team Leadership” including a 1:1 debrief of the Human Synergistics LSI 360 and Module 2: Three days covering “Commercial Acumen”, “Change Management” and “Collaboration and Influence”. The program provided opportunity for quality conversations around the organisation’s vision, mission and service philosophy, core values and behaviours for individuals and teams, what’s working well and what needs attention. The facilitation style role modelled coaching and questioning skills and a solution based, future focus.


The Results


The key measure of a successful intervention was employee engagement. A 13% increase in employee engagement was reported through a period of significant organisational change. This increase is 3 times our client’s global average increase. The end result included outputs which were strategic, practical, relevant and “owned” by participants and endorsed by key stakeholders. An action plan was mapped and all participants accepted personal responsibility for progressing individual actions. Participants felt genuinely heard, engaged, and empowered to contribute and offer views and perspectives. The flexible, experiential and targeted nature of the program enabled leaders to take away practical tools that they understood and genuinely owned in their work environment. The program helped participants to stand back from the ‘story’ they are living in – go below surface behaviours and operational tasks to get to the deeper narrative that shapes how they perceive themselves as leaders, their strengths and areas for growth.


Our Evaluation Results


– 100% rate your program experience as very good or excellent
– 100% very satisfied with the facilitator
– 13% increase in employee engagement through a period of significant organisational change