Conversations For Performance

Supporting Organisational Vision at a State Government Authority

The Challenge


To achieve the Minister’s vision for a streamlined, customer focused and high performing organisation, our client recognised the need to empower staff and develop conversational ability. For leaders particularly, it identified an opportunity to enhance their ability to have effective conversations which develop others, promote teamwork, improve performance and lead ongoing change across the organisation. Our client sought a partner who could work with leaders at all levels to bring about real behaviour change while being highly contextualised to the environment and culture, and aligned to the organisation’s strategic priorities.


The Solution


IECL developed a comprehensive “Conversations for Performance” program undertaken by all leader levels from frontline leaders to General Managers and Directors across the state. Over its duration, the program was contextualised to align with more than seven organisational priorities and changes, including the client’s “Leadership Framework”, “My High Performance Plan” and “Upward Feedback”, as well two major re-structures and the organisation’s name change. The initiative included structured communications and multi-level evaluation, a blend of face-to-face and online learning and a DVD series with client specific scenarios. At the core ” a two day workshop and a follow up half day workshop provided intensive skills training. Leaders learnt how to:

– Set clear expectations with staff.
– Identify when expectations were not being met and have appropriate conversations around this.
– Work more collaboratively with staff, peers, managers and customers.
– Prepare and conduct a range of conversations, including those that are difficult or confronting.
– Give and receive feedback to improve performance and results.


The Results


The program consistently received highly positive feedback from leaders and program sponsors. Research results from focus groups and regular evaluations showed an increase in leaders” confidence (self-belief) and competence (knowledge and skill), to have the right conversation effectively. Follow up interviews further highlighted that the program led to confidence building and empowerment. Over 1000 leaders completed the program which created a common language throughout the organisation and a significant culture shift was achieved which translated to improved customer experiences. Additionally, the program provided a solid foundation for change including a newly implemented performance management system.


Three Key Stats


– Over 1000 participants
– 9 locations
– 10 facilitators


Our Evaluation Results


– 20.3 % increase in participants” confidence to have the right conversation effectively.
– 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with the relevance of the program content to their work.
– 95.5% were very likely or likely to recommend the program to a colleague.
– 97% rated their overall program experience as very good or excellent