Coaching creates valuable space in the world of a C-Suite leader and provides an inimitable opportunity for C-level executives to truly think differently.

Our approach to coaching at the C-Suite level is to support and challenge a leader’s understanding of their role as a systems thinker rather than a functional thinker. At this level, we believe organisational coaching is about working with much more than a person’s potential. The effective C-Suite coach will understand that they are there in service of the Board to support the CEO and executive team in effective performance and wellness. Our C-Suite coaching work can be executed in both individual and team settings for maximum impact.

Download our C-Suite Coaching Discussion Paper

This Discussion Paper by our Head of Education, Jane Porter MCC explores:

  • What exactly is the responsibility of the Board?
  • How does a C-Suite Coach add value?
  • What are the elements of an effective C-suite coach?

Download our C-Suite Coaching Discussion Paper to find out more.

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