Jill Livesey

Jill has been an Executive Coach since 2006 in a variety of industries. She also specialises in career coaching, for people looking to re-align their role, gain a promotion, or take an entirely new career path.


Areas of Expertise


  • Facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Coaching skills for leaders
  • Effective workplace conversations
  • Active career management " self and others




Jill has worked as a Facilitator and Executive Coach since 2006 in the areas of banking, financial services, pharmaceutical, professional services, the public service and the music industry.  Jill works with people at all levels across all industries, using the IECL generative learning approach to achieve optimal outcomes from the group.


Business Background and Experience


Jill held organisational leadership roles for 17 years in London, New York and Sydney. Jill draws on this experience of managing large teams, often remotely located, for working with others to quickly sift through the mass of complex information to get to what matters.


Jill's experience of managing constant change and motivating teams while providing extremely high levels of client service and delivering major and complex projects gives her useful insight for coaching managers and leaders in today's turbulent business environment.  Her personal experience of transitioning into roles within companies and countries and returning from parental leave also informs her coaching.


Jill's passion for active career management " having the right people in the right roles for the right time " has seen her working with many clients looking to assess their career to date and identify steps and skills to work towards their future path.




Jill's warm and direct style has a constant focus on achieving the client's outcomes by challenging counterparts to think critically about their objectives. The clarity gained in Jill's sessions result in considered actions and behaviour change.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, Level Three, IECL; Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Education: BA (Hons) Law/French; Graduate Diploma in Career Education and Development
  • Diagnostics: The Leadership Circle; Genos; HBDI


Recent Client Engagements


  • Effective Workplace Conversations  " facilitation of workshops to support people leaders to increase awareness of their communication style and develop strategies to get the most out of each and every interaction at work. Effective conversations build strong relationships which in turn deliver solid results.
  • Coaching Skills for Leaders " facilitating the development of coaching skills in leaders equips them to "dig for the gold", empower and develop their teams which delivers results and retains engaged employees.
  • Action Learning Sessions " facilitating Action Learning Sessions to embed the learnings from workshops, Jill creates a safe environment for participants to share their successes and failures as they put into practice their recently developed skills.
  • Career Seminars " "Love Your Work" and "Taking a Future Focus on your Career" are highly engaging and interactive sessions that encourage participants to explore, reflect and act to align their career with their strengths and learn the skills to actively manage their career into the future.
  • CDAA " Career Development Conference " Speaker: "Why managers should have career conversations with their direct reports... and why they don't have to be hard"
  • Sky Business News " Happiness at Work panel participant.