Jill Danks

Jill became a coach in 1997 after 10 years of communication skills training in banking, professional services, logistics and construction. Her focus is on helping managers step up into leadership roles.


Areas of Expertise


  • Leadership communication coaching
  • Transition from manager to leader
  • Deep transformation




Jill became a coach in 1997 after 10 years of communication skills training in the banking, professional services, logistics and construction sectors. Her experience is focused on helping managers to step up into leadership roles.


Business Background and Experience


Jill has a background of business to business services marketing, having sold services in the transport and media sectors. Following this Jill joined a global communication consultancy and taught presentation skills, sales skills and negotiation skills to managers who were stepping up from their technical roles to a people development and business development role. Jill has experience in many industries including advertising, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, resources, professional services and financial services.


The combination of Jill's experiences means she has a well-developed ability to quickly diagnose communication issues and skill gaps and work with clients in the most practical flexible way to address these gaps prior to major events or business deals.




Jill's coaching approach supports deep change with a whole person approach to coaching. She helps clients understand how the patterns of their thoughts and behaviour are deeply embedded in the way they use their bodies and their breath. She works with and goes beyond behavioural change to help clients bring about their own deeper change.


Clients gain a deeper awareness of their physical intelligence and breath awareness by becoming mindful of how their body responds to external triggers and perceived threats that create defensive thinking and behaviours.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, Level Three, IECL;
  • Education: Dip (Transpersonal Coaching); Dip (Yoga Studies); Cert (Meditation Facilitation)


Recent Client Engagements


  • Finance Manager, Global Engineering Consultancy " supported client to understand how her need for perfection and strong task focus was alienating team members and exhausting her, helping her to reconnecting with her authenticity and vulnerability as a leader.
  • Operations Manager, Government Department " supported client to become aware of how her defensiveness and need for control and micromanagement were demotivating the team by becoming aware of triggers and unhelpful thought patterns
  • Finance Manager, Tier One Bank " supported client to find the strength in his introverted style within a culture that supported extroversion in meetings, to reconnect with aspects of himself beyond his working persona.