Is your organisational coach training program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)?

IECL’s three levels of coach training lead to IECL accreditation, and as a program are certified by the ICF as an accredited coach training program (ACTP).   The ICF accredits programs (like IECL’s) but does not accredit people; what it offers to individuals is the opportunity to apply for an ICF credential and there are three levels; Associate, Professional and Master coach.   After attaining executive coaching certification in our Level 2 program (or equivalent of 60 coach specific training hours), you can apply for the ICF’s Associate Coach Credential (via the ACSTH method). The ICF will also ask you to demonstrate 100 hours of coach practice (in a coaching log) as well as provide other evidence of your experience and expertise in coaching, including sitting for the ICF exam. You will also need to receive six additional hours of mentor coaching. ¬†After gaining the Institute’s Level 3 coaching accreditation, you can apply via the ICF’s ACTP pathway.   To apply for the ICF’s PCC (professional coach credential) you will need 125 hours of coach specific training. IECL’s Levels 1, 2 and 3 (the full coach accreditation program) provide this.   To apply for the ICF’s MCC (master coach credential), you will need 200 documented hours of coach specific training. The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership’s Levels 1, 2 and 3 coaching accreditation facilitate this, combined with additional coach specific training equal to 65 extra hours of training. This may include continuing professional development days you attend with IECL, and two hours for every Institute alumni professional development forum (allow approximately eight hours for each coach CPD day), in addition to other coach specific training.   For more information on obtaining ICF credentials, visit: