Can I apply for ICF credentials before I complete IECL’s Level 3?

Until you have completed our Level 3 coaching accreditation course, you still need to apply for ICF credentials using the ACSTH method. You can only use the ACTP route after you have passed our exam (at Level 3) and completed your Level 3 accreditation with IECL.

For example, a student who completes Level 2 executive coaching certification could apply for the ICF’s ACC credential using the ACSTH application, if you have enough mentor coaching hours (click here to find out more about our ACC Fast Track program, that provides mentor coaching hours to bring you up to the minimum). A student who has completed the IECL’s full three-level accreditation could apply for the ACC or PCC credential using the ACTP graduate application.

The fees for ICF credentials vary from $100 (for members applying for ACC) to $625 (for non members applying for MCC) and there’s a whole range in between.
ICF has a detailed list of all the other requirements for each credential (e.g. you need to have completed a certain number of logged coaching hours before applying).
It’s best to visit the ICF website to find out exactly what fee applies for you and what you have to do to gain your ICF credentials: