Tony Sloman

Tony is an accomplished facilitator and coach. He is passionate about developing influential, authentic speakers who are able to engage every audience - large or small.


Areas of Expertise


  • 'High-stakes’ communication skills development
  • Public speaking coaching
  • Managing challenging communication one-to-one
  • Influence and engagement one-to-many
  • Skills-based coaching




Tony is an accomplished facilitator and coach. He is passionate about developing influential, authentic speakers who are able to engage every audience - large or small. Tony relishes his opportunities to facilitate groups and is comfortable coaching at all organisational levels. He has experience in training corporate teams, government departments, NFP and SME. Whilst Tony can bring the most out of participants at all levels of expertise, he has had outstanding results in transforming the communication style of executives who veer towards introversion; CFO, legal, operational.


Business Background and Experience


Tony’s background is rich with diversity; business owner, facilitation, coaching, training, key-note speaking, client services director in learning and development, an international career as a professional actor, sales management, business development, financial services, IT, business analysis and retail. With such a deep understanding of behavioural development and with a significant number of performances at an elite level under his belt, Tony understands the complexities in high-stakes communication.




Tony’s coaching and facilitation are designed around the specific objectives of every client. He attributes much of his success to the quality of his listening; in the consulting phase as well as delivery. Tony believes the ability to listen effectively allows us to ‘hold our space’, to pitch our messages at the heart of the matter and to bring an understanding to the complexity that exists in human-to-human communication. Whilst there is a meaningful element of strengths-based development in his work Tony regards his coaching and facilitation as largely ‘skills-based’, meaning his programs are designed to equip participants with a ‘practical toolkit’ that can be utilised throughout their career as a communicator.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Certified Organisational Coach, Level One, IECL
  • Bachelor of Science in Computing, Information Systems and Accountancy, UNSW; Dip. Of Associateship in Professional Acting, Guildhall School of Music & Drama (London); Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, Macarthur Community College
  • Business Networking International; current member and mentor of the largest Australian Chapter


Recent Client Engagements


  • Mid-Tier Law Firm – Trained leadership team in high-stakes communication skills one-to-many. Large group workshops
  • NSW State Government Community of Finance Professionals – Facilitated group training at their annual conference. Excellent feedback
  • Patent Attorney – One-on-One coaching program in public speaking. Skills applied directly to a high-profile Q&A event
  • Queensland State Government – Group workshop for emerging leaders. Developing their skills in having ‘meaningful leadership conversations’
  • Banking executive – Top 4 banks. Coached in overcoming significant fear of public speaking
  • Learning and Development Professional. One-on-One coaching in public speaking. Skills developed in presenting and key-note speaking