Mathilde Poirieux
Hong Kong

Mathilde is an accredited coach and facilitator. She primarily uses strength-based coaching approaches, to help executives create and sustain change in their behaviors and professional identity.


Areas of Expertise


  • Career transition coaching
  • Professional identity coaching
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Talents and High-potentials
  • Behavioral change
  • Maternity coaching
  • Intercultural teaming and coaching




Mathilde Poirieux is an accredited coach and facilitator who supports seasoned executives in a range of industries, including banking, luxury, professional services and construction works, in both Europe and Asia. Passionate with deep transformational professional development, she primarily uses strength-based coaching approaches, to help executives create and sustain change in their behaviors and professional identity.


As a coach, she draws on her corporate background in highly complex and competitive environments, her sharp reading of identity and personality, her strong focus on change as well as her expertise in organizational coaching and adult learning principles. She speaks both English and French.


Business Background and Experience


Mathilde has a solid corporate experience, having had roles within global organizations for 14 years. As a learning and development specialist, she led the Asia-Pacific Talent development program for an Audit Big 4 company, and provided coaching and leadership training to numerous executives and young leaders. Her roles involved significant challenges such as navigating complexity of fast-paced global organizations and leading international teams in order to design and deliver milestone career programs. She demonstrated her ability to quickly learn, adapt and anticipate change, through several organizational mergers.


In competitive businesses and highly complex matrix environments, she experienced the challenges of performing while leading strategic long-term investments, such as succession planning and accelerated leadership skills development.


She enjoys working closely with advanced technical field experts in diverse sectors (e.g. financial tax, IT consultancy or transportation engineering), and with a range of different nationalities in Europe and Asia-Pacific, and she developed an ability to grasp patterns and share her holistic view on situations and people.


Rich from this intense experience, Mathilde has now a deep understanding of what forms a professional identity, the sources of stress, the impact of different leadership styles, and how to define a leadership style within a company culture.




Mathilde's coaching approach has a strong strength-based focus, a solid field experience of adult learning principles, a wide knowledge in leadership development programs and psychometric tools. She brings her ability to think deeper and wider, and enables people to develop their thinking, impacting their communication, leadership style and individual energy at work. Clients report they get a solid knowledge of their professional identity, their drivers and personality, and as a result they action meaningful changes in their professional lives, feeling more alignment and sense of achievement, a stronger motivation and long-term energy.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, level Three, IECL
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation
  • Education: Masters (Adult Pedagogy, Literature)
  • Diagnostics: MBTI®, Globesmart®


Recent Client Engagements


  • Regional Tax DIrector, Banking " assisted the client in her career transition to her next role abroad, clarifying through the change her leadership style and her personal power.
  • Regional Business Developer, Logistics " supported the client through his onboarding to his new role to gain clarity on his scope, understand his specific added-value in this environment
  • CEO and Founder, Textile " supported the CEO & founder of a growing business to transition from his role as an entrepreneur to a leader role, renewing his motivation and energy to reorganize his company and further develop it.
  • Plant Manager, Construction " coached the client to rebuild self-confidence and sense of achievement by clarifying his strengths and role within the organization, aiming at shifting him from burn-out to a new motivation.