Jill Livesey

Jill has been an Executive Coach since 2006 in a variety of industries. She also specialises in career coaching, for people looking to re-align their role, gain a promotion, or take an entirely new career path.


Areas of Expertise


  • Career management
  • People development, engagement, encouraging accountability and stepping up
  • Confidence, self-awareness, relationships and influencing skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transitions; parental return to work, relocation
  • Technical expert promoted to leader
  • Business processes, project management and client service




Jill has worked as an Executive Coach since 2006 in the areas of banking, financial services, pharmaceutical, professional services, and the public service. In career coaching, Jill has worked with people at all levels across all industries who are looking to re-align their role, gain a promotion, or take an entirely different career path.


Business Background and Experience


Jill held organisational leadership roles for 17 years in London, New York and Sydney. Jill draws on this experience of managing large teams, often remotely located, for working with others to quickly sift through the mass of complex information to get to what matters and what can make the difference.


Jill’s experience of managing constant change and motivating teams while providing extremely high levels of client service and delivering major and complex projects gives her useful insight for coaching managers and leaders in today’s turbulent business environment.  Her personal experience of transitioning into roles within companies and countries and returning from parental leave also informs her coaching.


Jill’s passion for strategic career management – having the right people in the right roles for the right time – has seen her working with many clients looking to assess their career to date and identify steps and skills to work towards their future path, benefitting the individual and the organisation.




Jill’s warm and direct style has a constant focus on achieving the client’s outcomes by challenging counterparts to think critically about their objectives. The clarity gained in Jill’s sessions result in considered actions and behaviour change.


Qualifications and Memberships


  • Accredited Organisational Coach, Level Three, IECL; Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Education: BA (Hons) Law/French; Graduate Diploma in Career Education and Development
  • Diagnostics: TLC; Genos; HBDI, GLWS
  • Mental Health First Aid Accreditation


Recent Client Engagements


  • Senior Leader, Banking and Finance, coached client to develop their influencing skills, to navigate the complex landscape. Resulted in being placed on Top Talent list.
  • Human Resources GM – coached client to deliver successfully in new role while strategically develop capability for role at the next level.
  • Senior Leader, Australian Health Agency – coached client to increase confidence as she transitioned into a new management role, led her team through change and develop peer relationships with a view to increase deliverables.
  • Senior Leader, Music Industry – coached client to transition from manager to leader through operating strategically while empowering and developing their team.
  • High Potentials Talent Pool, Global Technology Company – coached several individuals to identify how best to accelerate their development in their current role with a view to progressing towards the next step; this often involved transitioning from the technical “doing” in order to deliver greater results through empowering others.
  • Client Manager, Advertising – coached client in new leadership role, enabling her to confidently empower and develop team, engage stakeholders and build business.
  • Community Services – coached client in re-engaging new team for high performance. Client reported feeling courage, passion and invigoration to go out and make a difference and motivate the team.
  • Return to work – coached client to manage their return to work from parental leave to ensure optimal performance, satisfaction and balance.
  • Career coaching client – coached client to confidently identify their next best step in a re-structure while remaining focused on their current role.