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The Accredited Coach Training Program provides a deep dive into coaching knowledge and practice. It is taught in a blended learning environment and offers the most flexible learning pathway possible.

Introduction to the Accreditation Pathway

The IECL’s Accreditation Pathway is designed to ensure that the organisational coaches trained by us learn the ICF Core Competencies of coaching and meet the standards required by our corporate clients. This positions IECL at the leading edge of the organisational coaching profession.

Foundational knowledge

The theory and frameworks that underpin organisational coaching.

Practice Knowledge

The tools and skills that all organisational coaches require.

Personal Knowledge

The practice of self-awareness and being present.

Three Levels of Training: study at your own pace.

IECL’s accreditation pathway consists of three levels of training, with certification at Levels 1 and 2, and full accreditation at Level 3. An ACC Fast Track add-on program allows you to apply for ICF Credentials after completing Level 2 and the Fast Track program. Learn more about our ACC Fast Track add-on program.

Level 1

Rigorous and practical foundational level coach training providing Level 1 Certification and all the skills and tools that you need to get started as a coach.


Level 2

A natural extension from Level 1, expanding on your foundational skills and focussing on deepening the coaching relationship, enabling powerful and robust strengths based coaching.

Level 3

Advanced coaching skills for professional coaches, creating transformation at the upper levels of organisations.



Coach Accreditation via IECL’s International Coach Federation (ICF)

Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)



IECL coach training is aimed at mature professionals with a minimum of an undergraduate degree (or equivalent business experience). The program tends to attract those with 10+ years working within an organisation of some kind, and frequently our participants will already have more than one degree. There are no specific “pre-requisites” for the program, but we do expect that you will be both mature and experienced in how organisations operate. During the application process, you will be asked to outline your background and reasons for wanting to complete this training. Additionally, each level of training requires the previous level(s) to be completed first and Levels One and Two are pre-requisites for Principles of Organisational Coaching (POC).



The accreditation program includes three consecutive levels of organisational coach training, with each level being taught in a blended learning environment: including online learning with a three day experiential workshop. You will receive a rigorous and practical training and you can exit after Level One or Two with an IECL Certification in Organisational Coaching at that level. After Level Three, you will receive IECL Accreditation in Organisational Coaching (the full ACTP program and recognised by the ICF for credentialing purposes. You can also apply for credentials via the ACSTH method using our ACC Fast Track program; click here for more information). Additionally, we offer a fourth subject: Principles of Organisational Coaching (not a requirement of the ACTP program, but fully complementary).


If you have completed IECL Levels One to Three prior to 31 December 2014 and would like to enrol in the Graduate Diploma in Organisational Coaching and Leadership, you can do this easily by completing “Principles of Organisational Coaching” and an additional “bridging” assessment for Levels One to Three. If you are just starting out (after January 1, 2015) there are NO bridging assignments. You can start with Level One and if unsure which stream to choose, you are able change streams with no financial or workload penalties.

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ICF Credential Requirements

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