IECL’s experience in organisational coach training is unparalleled



IECL is renowned for the experiential nature of our coach training; we graduate confident and effective coaches.



Our coach training is offered in 13 cities throughout Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Our unique approach to coach training

At IECL, we ensure coach training and learning experiences are meaningful, practical and translate directly back to your workplace or practice.

Coach Training Courses

IECL Singapore offers the region’s most highly regarded organisational coach training, with a number of flexible pathways to choose from.


IECL's Coach Accreditation Pathway places you at the leading edge of the organisational coaching profession.


This pathway provides the opportunity to gain graduate level leadership and coach training certification.


IECL offers ongoing coach training and professional development for organisational coaches, including courses in Team Coaching and Coaching Supervision.

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The IECL Coach Training Advantage

We sat down with three IECL Alumni members – Claudia Lantos, Will Martin and Zoe Green

to discuss how coach training at IECL Singapore helped them take the lead with their coaching journey.

Our Faculty

Jane Porter

Jane Porter

Master Certified Coach and Head of Education and Coaching at IECL by GrowthOps

John Raymond

Head of IECL Asia and Professional Certified Coach

Chip McFarlane

Master Certified Coach and Coach Training Facilitator

Irene Booth

A leader for 25 years in public and private sectors, now a Professional Certified Coach

John Matthews

Professional Certified Coach who has delivered training to 1000's throughout Asia Pacific

Peter Shields

Professional Certified Coach and facilitator of over 200 dedicated and public programs
CB profile

Charity Becker

Professional Certified Coach and Facilitator

Paula Feathers

Professional Certified Coach, Paula has been facilitating and coaching since the mid 1990s

Caroline Zhou

Caroline has coached over 300 Directors and Executives and is a Professional Certified Coach.

Andy Johnson

Professional Certified Coach and facilitator, based in Brisbane.

Renee Holder

Professional Certified Coach and coach training facilitator.

Rob Wilson

Professional Certified Coach and facilitator, with a PhD from Oxford University.

Why coach training with IECL?

Adult Learning

Adult Learning

Our approach to coach training is based on adult learning theory. This means it’s highly experiential and practical. As a result our students leave our coach training with the confidence to coach right away.

Social Learning

Social Learning

IECL’s social approach to coach training ensures optimal integration of learning, knowledge and skills.  

Strengths-Based Coaching

Strengths-Based Coaching

Our cross-disciplinary approach teaches a strengths-based model of coaching. This focuses on coach training being of service to individual, team and organisational outcomes.



Blended learning design means you complete some of the program in your own time. With 10 coach training locations you can choose dates that suit you.



From Level One you join our alumni community; many events are free, all are aimed at developing you as a coach and bringing rigour to the industry.
Recognised by the Industry

Recognised by the Industry

IECL’s Coach Accreditation ensures coach training incorporates the ICF Core Competencies and meet the standards required by our corporate clients.

You gain knowledge

You gain knowledge

Foundational knowledge – the theory and frameworks that underpin organisational coaching and coach training. Practice knowledge – the tools and skills that all organisational coaches require. Personal knowledge – the practice of self-awareness and being present.



IECL has a solid coach training pathway towards becoming the best possible coach, and post-graduate options at Charles Sturt University.

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