We’ve rebranded, and are excited to share our change with you

From 18 March 2019 our organisation transformed into two brands: GrowthOps* and IECL by GrowthOps.


We’re still accrediting coaches across the Asia Pacific through our highly regarded and ICF accredited coach training programs under the name IECL by GrowthOps. And will remain your go-to for coaching, and helping your organisation build effective leadership under the name GrowthOps. This change has expanded our capabilities across the Asia Pacific region across technology, marketing communications and consulting industries. We’re fusing these disciplines to be able to further help your organisation scale up capability and operations, acquire and retain new customers, and build and launch transformational products.

We will continue to have total team consistency and deliver on all the services and courses we currently provide. We’re excited to continue to partner with our clients and course participants in this new chapter!

*IECL joined GrowthOps in March 2018.