Emotional and Social Intelligence

Research shows that emotional intelligence is what separates successful workplace leaders from the less successful.

Intelligence comes in many forms, including academic, social and emotional. All three of these have an impact on an individual’s life and success in their career. While most people have a high regard for someone who is academically astute, social and emotional intelligence can have just as much impact and are recognised as being desirable traits for a successful leader.


Emotional intelligence (EQ): is about self-awareness – knowing your motivators, what annoys you or makes you happy – and being able to manage these emotions.

Social intelligence (SQ): is not just about knowing yourself, but also how you are reflected in the world – how you appear to other people. SQ is also about picking up on others emotions and being able to use this information to relate to others effectively.


Every day leaders communicate with people in order to do business successfully, whether this be clients, employees or their boss. High-levels of EQ and SQ allow them to interact effectively to gain a better understanding of others’ needs, effectively collaborate with others and build trust and rapport.


Emotional Intelligence intervention helps leaders to identify what Emotional Intelligence looks like in the workplace and how they can develop it within themselves. Our programs enable participants to develop an ability to identify strengths and challenges as well as understand the neuroscience to manage their own moods and the emotions of others.


We often weave Emotional Intelligence into many other corporate offerings.

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