In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment, organisations are faced with the need to stay relevant and ahead of the increasing disruption of market innovators. As such, change is constant and only those adept at navigating and successfully leading change will survive.


Process or people?

When organisations embark on change journeys of any kind, the focus is usually on shifting the organisation’s strategic intent, vision and values, and/or their business processes and systems. What organisations often forget is that it is the people element that is the greatest contributor or hindrance to successful change journeys.


Successful change leadership identifies and focuses on the people who are essential to modelling the desired change outcomes, and will be at the crux of the success of sustainable change in your organisation.


How to lead through change

We partner with organisations to help them successfully promote and effect change on both a behavioural and systemic level. We demystify how organisations can invest meaningfully in their people and culture, resulting in a congruence between behaviours and the values of the organisation, thus leading to sustainable change.


We approach all our client engagements in a spirit of curious enquiry, and engage with a consultative (coaching) approach. We are committed to enabling the desired behaviours for change for our client organisations and work with you to establish what is the change that the organisation is trying to achieve. We uncover any potential blockers to achieving this change and explore WHY the organisation is going through the change, and the benefits that it will bring to the organisation, its people and its clients.


We design and deliver tailored programs to successfully launch and support the change our clients are aspiring to achieve, and elicit the desired organisational behaviours:


  • Leading people through change. Behavioural change needs to be modelled at the top. To lead change effectively, leaders need the ability to communicate their vision, gain the buy-in of their people, and keep communicating to continually build trust. We help senior people leaders champion change from the top so it may be driven from the bottom. We empower them with the skills to successfully engage people throughout the change journey and develop effective relationships and communications.
  • Leader as coach. Leadership was traditionally seen as “command and control”. But as society and the way we do business has evolved, it is clear that the knowledge, intellect and skills for organisational effectiveness lie with employees, no matter their level. Leaders who engage with their organisation’s people through asking the right questions, of the right people, at the right time (a skill that does not come naturally to everyone) pave the way for innovation and creativity, leading to successful change initiatives.
  • Uptake by middle management and beyond. We arm middle management with tools to help them drive strategy, and communicate and display the behaviours for the desired change outcome.

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