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Paula coaches both individuals and teams, working mainly with senior leaders and leadership teams in the New Zealand public sector, up to and including CEO’s. More recently she has focused on Women Leaders and is a coach with Global Women NZ. Coaching is developmental and often sought when people or teams are going through organisational or personal transformation. She mainly coaches face-to-face in Wellington and can coach virtually where required.


Paula uses a strengths-based approach coupled with narrative coaching which focuses on both the whole person and the whole system. Her approach is to build trust and provide a safe place for often isolated senior leaders to explore their thinking and move to solutions. She is described as fun, energetic, engaging but not afraid to challenge and confront when necessary.


Paula started her career in local government in the UK, then travelled to Japan where she taught English. Following completion of her MBA, she worked in the oil industry in Scotland eventually becoming Head of Training and Development for Total's UK subsidiary. Paula then emigrated to New Zealand and has worked in management consultancy since 2010. 


  • Developmental coaching for leaders going through change and transition 

  • Coaching women leaders as part of leadership development programs 

  • Team coaching for newly formed teams or those facing complex challenges 


  • Heads of Mission/Ambassadors, NZ Public Sector - coaching at overseas posts to support their leadership development. The coaching allowed these more isolated individuals to discuss sensitive staffing issues and make personal career decisions. 

  • Managers, Government - coaching recently promoted mid-level managers following attendance at a leadership development program. The outcome was that these managers felt more confident in their roles.

  • Chief Executive, Sydney based Not-for-Profit - working with women and children in Nepal and Uganda. Coaching the Chief Executive on developing the senior team which was geographically dispersed and culturally diverse.

  • Chief Executive, NZ Public Sector – working with a newly appointed Chief Executive to support development of strategy.

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