James Fletcher
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James has extensive experience in high performance, wellbeing, resilience and developmental coaching. He coaches face to face or virtually, with experience in state and Commonwealth Government, private sector and across levels, from senior executives through to junior roles.


James brings a friendly and down to earth approach to his coaching, drawing upon all aspects of his coach training. James uses strength-based coaching to identify and leverage a counterparts' strengths and how to use these, to achieve one’s full potential.


James has been a company director since 2015. Prior to that, James worked as a senior executive consultant specialising in coaching and training and as a government lawyer, including at the senior executive service level, where he managed 30 lawyers dealing with complex social policy matters. 


  • Strengths-based coaching for leaders facing uncertainty and organisational change

  • Career coaching to help leaders prepare for promotion opportunities

  • Coaching for improved wellbeing and resilience


  • Leader, Government - coached a senior executive to deal with various leadership challenges. Coaching outcomes included dealing with challenging conversations, time management and handling work pressures.

  • Executive, Government Defence - coached various executives dealing with organisational change and uncertainty. Outcomes included greater clarity regarding successful work outcomes and strategies to lead self and others, whilst also dealing with organisational uncertainty.

  • Executive, Government Social Services - successfully coached two executives gain a promotion to the EL2 level. Outcomes included adopting a growth mindset to interviews and overcoming negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs, in order to perform well at interview.

  • Leaders, Government – coached three leaders regarding new policy directions. Coaching outcomes included strategies for enhancing individual sphere of influence and thereby helping self and team to deal with changes during a complex organisational re-structure.

  • Various Leaders, Childcare - coached leaders on various professional development matters including leading a diverse and new team, handling challenging stakeholders and infrastructure upgrades.

  • Leaders, Education - coaching leaders in the PRIDE network to enable them to be effective members of that network. Coaching outcomes included techniques for managing upwards and seeking sponsorship for PRIDE-related initiatives from senior executive staff.

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