Grace Thomas
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Grace is a highly sought-after coach among senior executive leaders, C-suite, leadership teams and emerging leaders in complex global, regional, and national organisations across diverse industries. Grace’s coaching focuses on developmental and transitional coaching and building executive leadership capacity for the present and the future. She began coaching in 2005, first internally and then as a professional external coach.



Grace builds deep trust quickly which enables her to bring ‘heat and heart’ to the relationship where counterparts are challenged to step outside their comfort zone and explore how their habits, assumptions and beliefs impact themselves and others. She supports them to experiment, extend and embed more helpful strategies and habits into their daily lives. Ultimately, counterparts empower others towards high contribution and performance.



Grace’s corporate experience includes executive leadership roles in Asia Pacific and Australia with a global professional services firm, including as Asia Pacific Human Capital Leader and as a member of the Global Human Capital leadership team. She understands the complexity leaders face in balancing short-and long-term outcomes, corporate and local needs, present and future orientations. Focused on simple, practical strategies that deliver tangible outcomes, Grace has designed and delivered many iconic senior leadership programs, including collaborating with INSEAD. Her passion and ambition to help advance professional coaching see her actively volunteer with the International Coach Federation locally and globally, most recently as the Chair of the Nominating Committee for ICF’s Global Professional Coaches Board.



  • Executive leadership development coaching to enhance business impact

  • Transition coaching for leaders embarking on new challenges

  • Senior executive leadership team coaching for cultural transformation

  • Performance coaching to build and sustain leadership effectiveness

  • Key talent coaching integrated with talent development programs

  • Leadership team coaching that enhances leadership team effectiveness and culture



  • C-Suite and Senior Executive Leaders, Professional Services - coaching to enable leaders to play bigger roles globally and regionally.

  • Partners, Directors and Emerging Leaders, Professional Services - coaching across a wide range of leadership domains that has achieved significant career progression and development.

  • Leadership Team, Education - individual and team coaching delivering measurable leadership culture change.

  • Executive Officers, Assistant Secretaries, Government - executive coaching and lead coach for a significant transition program.

  • Senior Business Leaders, Banking - coaching that elevated performance and leadership to the next level enterprise-wide roles.

  • Major Public Infrastructure Project Leaders – coaching to build capacity to lead in a fast-changing environment.

  • People & Culture Leadership Team, Construction and Engineering – team coaching designed for the team to elevate their contribution and impact.

  • People & Culture Leadership Team, Construction and Engineering – team coaching designed for the team to take their contribution to a new level.

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