Andy Johnson
Associate & IECL Faculty
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Andy’s coaching practice began in London in the early 2000s, providing him with experience coaching at a senior level and across culturally diverse and complex environments. He has successfully parlayed that experience to coach executives, senior leaders, and athletes in organisations across Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and New Zealand spanning industries including financial services, infrastructure, marketing, legal, professional sports, and government sectors. Coaching engagements are primarily developmental, behavioural, leadership and career focused, working with counterparts through transformational change, whilst maintaining deliverables.    


Andy’s style is friendly and engaging, creating an environment of respect allowing for supportive and challenging conversations focused on strengths and decision making. In taking a whole-system approach, Andy works on the alignment of both the physical and mental aspects that are required to increase awareness, change behaviours, deepen the quality of conversations, and create exceptional performance.   


Andy most recently held the role of Director of Applied Organisational Coaching, responsible for the re-design, development, and growth of IECL corporate portfolio, including strategic partnerships with external providers to support the embedding of coaching methodologies.  Andy has been with IECL since 2016, responsible for the development and growth of all aspects of the business with a primary focus on the Australian and Queensland markets, whilst being a faculty member, coach, facilitator, coach mentor and coach supervisor.  Prior to IECL, Andy’s experience included start-ups, financial services, and government organisations, with core responsibilities including consulting, strategic planning, stakeholder management, sales, and coaching.


  • Developmental coaching for leadership presence  

  • Behavioural transformation coaching for career progression 

  • Coaching identified high performers 

  • Coaching through organisational change 

  • C-suite & SLT coaching 

  • Virtual and face-2-face coaching 


  • International Economic Advisor, Banking – coached counterpart to build relationships with peers and colleagues, leading team through organisational change, whilst navigating economic uncertainties.

  • Director, Civil Infrastructure – coached counterpart to develop communication and relationship building capabilities, transforming from subject matter and technical expert into a people leader.

  • Executive General Manager, Finance - coached counterpart to build relationships and transform leadership behaviour with a focus on establishing presence and communicational behaviour.

  • General Manager, Marketing - coached counterpart through organisational restructure, building team culture, values and vision whilst also navigating workplace behaviours.

  • Non-For-Profit, Arts - coached leadership team focusing on hybrid leadership, returning to work protocols, health & wellbeing and leadership capabilities for consistent individual and team performance and growth.

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