Aleida Minstra
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Aleida began coaching in 2012 when she started her coaching education with IECL. Her experience includes one-on-one coaching engagements with high potentials, technical experts, senior leaders, and executives, amongst others, in a wide range of industry sectors including finance, not-for-profit, food & beverage, engineering, procurement and retail.


People’s inspirations and aspirations drive Aleida’s coaching approach. A coaching journey starts with a thorough exploration of the desired future, resulting in stretching goals and focus. By creating new perspectives and awareness of strengths, her coaching counterparts develop confidence and commitment to make the change they wish for. Clients have described her coaching style as positive, energising, culturally sensitive and results oriented. 


Aleida has over 25 years of management experience in the food and beverage industry, of which over 10 years were in regional and global leadership roles in strategic sourcing. In her position of Procurement Director, Asia for a global dairy multinational she managed virtual teams in southeast Asia. Aleida also has experience working as a Change Manager in an FMCG company in Malaysia.


  • Coaching for enhancing performance and wellbeing 

  • Cross-cultural coaching for leaders to adapt and perform in a new cultural context

  • Transition coaching for leaders new to the organisation or role; from expert to general management or strategic leadership

  • Career coaching for high potentials and senior leaders


  • Managing Director Asia, Applied Intelligence – coaching focused on building relationships in a new cultural context and developing executive presence. Resulted in more effective communication and networking and the creation of a coherent team across Asia.

  • Deputy Project Director, Engineering – career coaching resulting in a fully ‘owned’ long-term career progression plan and increased awareness of key values, strengths, and preferred leadership style.

  • Deputy CFO, Banking – coached in building capabilities for the new regional role in Asia. Resulted in improved cross-cultural communication and effective virtual team leadership.

  • Global Category Manager Sourcing, FMCG – transition coaching with focus on self-awareness, confidence, and natural strengths to maximise impact. Outcome was a successful transition from fulfilling an expert role to strategic leadership.

  • Supply Chain Manager, Retail - coached the counterpart on role clarity and managing expectations, leading to better time management and improved performance.

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