Our mindfulness programs can enhance optimal performance and wellbeing in the workplace, benefiting the individual and the company as a whole.

Duration: Eight Weeks

Certification: IECL MBSR Certification (CCEUs for ICF)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Optimal Performance and Wellbeing

Today’s executives are constantly ‘on’. There is very little escape from the 24/7 world, with mobile phones, emails and social media invading every hour of our lives, leading to burnout, mentally and physically. IECL is now offering an eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Optimal Performance and Wellbeing program to our Alumni, and as part of our ongoing professional development program. We are the only company in Australia offering the full mindfulness program of MBSR in the corporate arena.


Compelling neuroscience now confirms ancient wisdom: mindfulness training enhances mental performance and focus, reduces stress and produces favourable business outcomes, making the ability to develop mindfulness one of the most important skills of the 21st century.


There is a wealth of peer-reviewed scientific literature attesting to the health benefits of the MBSR program and, increasingly, mindfulness training programs are being introduced into the corporate sphere, as business begins to recognise the power of mindfulness training for organisational effectiveness. Coaches and leaders who are able to support others to develop skills in mindfulness will see far-reaching benefits.


There are no specific prerequisites for the MBSR program.


The role of mindfulness training

One powerful solution for effective self-management is in the form of systematic training of the mind. The MBSR Program is essentially a program in behavioural change; a method of managing ourselves with less stress and greater wellbeing and positivity, grounded in an evidence-based approach, with over 2,500 peer-reviewed papers outlining numerous empirically validated benefits including:

  • increased self-awareness and awareness of others;
  • increased emotional and behavioural self-regulation;
  • higher levels of resilience;
  • strengthened cognitive flexibility and agility;
  • heightened ability to manage and prevent stress;
  • improved focus, attention and clarity;
  • strengthened effective decision-making ability;
  • enhanced creativity and innovation;
  • increased empathy and compassion;
  • increased engagement; and
  • increased coping skills in ambiguous and complex business environments.


Course content

Your MBSR 8-week program includes:

  • 8 weekly evening classes of 2.5 hours each.
  • A full-day mindfulness session between week 5 and 6.
  • Essential homework mindful meditation practice, 30 minutes daily, throughout the eight week course.
  • A set of mp3 recordings to use for homework practice.
  • A detailed course manual.
  • Detailed email of weekly content following each weekly group session.
  • 28 Student Contact Learning Hours.
  • Membership of IECL Basecamp MBSR group for contact with group during program, as a forum for resource material, and as a forum for ongoing group support post-MBSR.
  • Highly experiential program which emphasises learning through interaction and practice, and group discussion.
  • Access to your trainer throughout program, in addition to weekly sessions.
  • Certificate of participation in MBSR program.


Who will benefit?

Benefits to business reported in studies on mindfulness training in the workplace include increased self-awareness and awareness of others, higher levels of resilience and EQ, improved decision-making ability, strengthened cognitive effectiveness, heightened ability to manage and prevent stress, increased wellbeing, increased employee engagement.

At the end of the Mindfulness Training, you will have:

  • learnt and applied in-depth body awareness training, and understanding the body-mind continuum.
  • become proficient in interrupting automatic pilot and learning embodied presence.
  • developed attention training for greater focus, self-awareness, self-management and emotional self-regulation.
  • learnt the physiology and psychology of stress and stress reactivity.
  • known how to move fluently from ‘doing’ mode to ‘being’ mode and why this is important.
  • become proficient in the nuances of perspective and appraisal taking, and understanding how mindfulness reduces cognitive bias.
  • learnt the neuroscience of how mindfulness re-sculpts the brain.
  • understood the neurobiology of emotions, including the amygdala hijack and how to disarm it
  • become proficient in empathic listening skills, and in inter-personal and intra-personal attunement.
  • developed your micro-doses of mindfulness toolbox for soothing the nervous system and developing resilient wellbeing.



Prior to commencement of MBSR training, participants are invited to complete a participant information form, which includes reasons for wanting to undertake the MBSR program.



Successful completion of the MBSR program leads to 27 CCEUs for ICF credentialing or renewal purposes. A certificate from IECL stating successful completion of MBSR is also available.

Keen to register for the course?

For further information regarding the course or to express interest in participating, email info@iecl.growthops.com.au

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You can download the Mindfulness Training course details as a PDF at the link below.

Your Experienced Mindfulness Training Facilitator

Kate Mathers-Crop

Kate Mathers

Principal Mindfulness Trainer, Sydney Based

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