While supervision has existed for many years in various “helping professions”, the concept of supervision for organisational coaches is relatively new. We define coaching supervision as: A systematic process for the ongoing development of the organisational coach in which personal, relational, professional and contextual issues arising from coaching practice are explored through reflection, action and inquiry.


Six months (part-time,  two x two day live workshops via virtual delivery, plus online/distance learning and group supervision practice sessions)

Certification: Certification of Supervision, plus 49 CCEUs*, 38 in Core Competencies and 11 in Resource Development

Coaching Supervision Training

The process of coaching supervision is built on the meta-skills taught through IECL coach training. To be an effective supervisor of organisational coaches requires reflective practice, collaborative inquiry, questioning and self-awareness. We recognise different levels of relationships in supervision, and encourage reflection at all levels.


Who Is It For?


IECL’s Coaching Supervision training is designed for Level Three alumni (or those who have graduated from an equivalent/ACTP program) and already have a regular coaching practice and substantial coaching hours.


You should also consider if you:


  • Want to offer coaching supervision on a one-to-one or group basis
  • Want to support other coaches to build a coaching culture within their (or your) organisation
  • Want more meaningful training in reflective practice and guiding others in reflecting purposefully
  • Want to learn, enlighten, challenge, inspire and influence a person’s way of thinking
  • Want to begin a new personal and professional journey with other coaches and like-minds, honing and perfecting your craft


For many years IECL have been aware of the need for coaching supervision that supports personal and communal reflection among coaches. As you may know (or have read in our published article in the International Journal of Coaching and Mentoring), IECL has researched, designed and tested an Institute of Executive Coaching supervision model, working closely with experienced coaching supervisors and a team of senior IECL coaches. This model forms the basis of IECL coaching supervision groups and training. Coaching supervision therefore is a space that IECL has been at the forefront of developing in Australia and our model is known to be applicable to the Australasian context and aligned with the Australian Standards Guideline for coaching.


Through training as a coaching supervisor you will learn:

  • Principles of supervision for professional coaching practice
  • Skills and tools of the supervision mindset
  • The process and structure of coaching supervision
  • How to work with and in supervision groups
  • A richer and more in-depth knowledge of your craft as a coach


You will also gain:

  • Membership into a community of skilled professional coaching supervision practitioners
  • Certification in Coaching Supervision from The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership
  • 49 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs)* for ICF credentialing/renewal



Are you….

  • A Level Three graduate of the IECL who employs coaching and coaching approaches in their work? And/or…
  • Have completed another accredited coach training and have substantial experience as a coach? And/or…
  • An experienced coach with more than 300 practice hours under your belt? And/or ….
  • Seeking an opportunity to review and refresh your already highly developed coaching skills?



Supervision training is offered two by two day live workshops virtual delivery, plus online/distance learning and group supervision practice sessions.



Your skills as a supervisor will be assessed in the training days, and the supervision groups.



Successful completion of all course requirements leads to Certification of Supervision, plus 49 CCEUs* , 38 in Core Competencies and 11 in Resource Development

* We have been awarded 49 CCEUs from ICF. 



Part 1 of 2: 21 & 22 April

Part 2 of 2: 26 & 27 May



Member price: AU$5,800 excl. GST (AU$6,380 incl. GST)

Non-member price: AU$6,960 excl. GST (AU$7,656 incl. GST)

Annual price for IECL Membership = AU$299+GST. Click here to find out more about IECL membership


Member price: SG$5,800

Non-member price: SG$6,960

Annual price for IECL Membership = SGD$285. Click here to find out more about IECL membership

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You can download the coaching supervision course details as a PDF at the link below. Please think of the environment before printing

Facilitators of upcoming courses include:

Jane Porter

Jane Porter

IECL Head of Education and Professional Certified Coach

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