Supervision is a great way to deepen and enhance your coaching practice through reflective dialogue and enquiry, resulting in increased capability and confidence.

Duration: 90 minutes each session, approximately every 4-5 weeks (six meetings in total, per series) (hours can be counted by ICF as CCEU/CPD points)

Coaching Supervision for IECL Trained Coaches

In today’s world, regular engagement in coaching supervision is often a requirement when organisations are hiring an external coach.


The ICF determines the value from supervision for the coach as follows:

  • Environment for customised personal and professional growth
  • Environment to bring ethical issues
  • Environment to bring personal uncertainties and vulnerabilities
  • Environment to bring boundary issues
  • Diminished risk around ethical issues means diminished risk for coach and for coach’s clients
  • Opportunity to engage in a meta-view of client, competency, and or practice
  • Opportunity to engage in a matrix view of client, competency, and or practice


ICF Credential-holders are also now permitted to count work with a Coaching Supervisor toward Continuing Coach Education (CCE) requirements in the area of Core Competencies for renewal of their ICF Credential. These hours are accepted on an hour-for-hour basis, and there is no upper limit on the number of Coaching Supervision hours that can be applied toward a Credential renewal applicant’s CCE requirement.


We are offering this “virtual supervision group” by video conference call, in a block of six regular sessions, full details are as follows:

  • Supervisor: Jane Porter (MCC) or Charity Becker (PCC) or other PCC IECL trained supervisor
  • Meetings: by Zoom video conference call
  • Size: Maximum five people in the group
  • Length: 90 minutes each session, approximately every 4-5 weeks (six meetings in total) (hours can be counted by ICF as CCEU/CPD points)
  • Time: On application
  • Dates: On application
  • Cost: On application


If you register for a supervision group you are committing for the entire series. Unfortunately any missed sessions would be forfeited (but you could have a side-conversation with a buddy from the group at another time…they could catch you up on what was discussed. This type of reflective “review of learning” can be very beneficial for the buddy as well, so we would highly encourage it as a way of ensuring you get value from all sessions even if you are not able to attend every one).


If you would like a one-on-one coaching supervision session, please contact us:

To find out more about bringing an IECL trained supervisor in to work with your cohort of internal coaches, please contact us at

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